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A Picture is worth thousands of words!!

Sam Gilliam Cape – 3rd Floor Hallway

A Picture is Worth Thousands of Words

Embassy Circle Guest House is a place to delight your senses. The architecture is stunning. The food and wine are served with love, laughter and genuine hospitality. The neighborhood is gorgeous. And the art collection is beautiful and ever expanding! Every piece in every room and public space is original, and more pieces are added every year. Laura has a bit of an obsession with paintings – and mosaics, and multi-media collages, and antique Persian carpets, and gorgeous antique mirrors. And she has great photos to share.

So …, Enjoy the photos! Get inspired! Book a trip to visit our beautiful B&B in Washington DC.

YOU are an essential part of the art and ambiance of Embassy Circle Guest House. You’ll look great here!!

Magnificent House

Delicious Food & Wine

Desirable Neighborhood