Meet the Innkeepers

Laura and Raymond Saba

Quilted Portrait by Debra Banyas

Innkeepers Laura & Raymond

Meet the Innkeepers

Raymond and Laura Saba

OK. It’s true. We actually look a bit more ordinary than the beautiful quilt by Debra Banyas shown at the top of this page – but that image may be closer to how we see ourselves than the photo to the left.

The quilt brilliantly expresses our personal philosophy. Life is a serious business, and the world is a serious place – and we’re known to thoroughly enjoy trying to solve its many problems. But life is also beautiful, charming, amazing and fun, and we have found that it is best enjoyed if we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, we believe that laughter is as necessary to life as air. It revives, sustains and refreshes both body and soul.

Raymond and I never thought we would be proprietors of B&B’s. Raymond spent years at the World Bank while I worked in the retail and aerospace industries. Eventually we both quit our corporate jobs to own our own construction company, Raycon Incorporated – which we still own – and which has completed many interesting projects in the Washington, DC area.

Entertaining guests comes naturally to us. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Raymond embodies the Lebanese tradition and spirit of generous hospitality, while I come from a multi-generational line of hostesses whose invitations were (are) coveted and whose parties were (are) well attended. Nobody ever wants to leave!

In addition to our love of entertaining, Raymond and I love renovating old buildings. In 2003 we purchased an abandoned embassy property. After extensive renovation, we opened the gorgeous Embassy Circle Guest House in 2007. You can read more about the renovation here. It was epic!

Meet the Family

OK. We admit it. This is shameless promotion. If you have stayed with us before, you have probably heard the story of the musician in the family. Our son, Matthew Saba, lives in LA, where he is a composer, singer/songwriter. As Laura likes to say, that makes his parents “patrons of THE ART!” Matthew recently released “Tribal Blues”.  It’s an indy-rock anthem with a powerful and timely message.  We love this song, although we admit to being just a wee bit prejudiced. It has a great beat and a melody that will stick in your head for days. It’s perfect for dancing around the kitchen, running on the treadmill or rockin’ out in the car. We hope you enjoy it!